Your First Call for Fire, Water or Wind Damage Claims

We Work for You, Not the Insurance Company!

Zenith Public Adjusters is the first call you should make when you have suffered fire, water or wind damage to your home or business. You need someone on your side as you try to put your life back together after a severe loss. Our job is to work for you, the policyholder, not the insurance company.

Fire and smoke damage can devastate your home or business and destroy or severely impair the value of your belongings. A flood can cause structural damage to your building and ruin furnishings and personal effects. Wind can damage your roof and siding, and sometimes all three of these devastating problems can occur at once, such as in a severe electrical storm.

Whether you have sustained a loss due to a flood, storms or other events that cause fire, water, or wind damage, we protect your rights by:
  • Reviewing your insurance policy: We understand the language of insurance policies and how they are enforced.
  • Completing documentation of your claim to establish fair value: We will establish fair value for your claim utilizing the latest technology to estimate, adjust and inform you.
  • Directing you as to what to do and what to expect during the claims process.
  • Organizing and processing your claim and communicating with your insurance company.  We can act as a third party witness should aggressive action be needed to obtain a just recovery.
  • Providing Time Savings: Even though you have suffered a devastating loss, life goes on, and you have obligations you must attend to. Leave your fire, water or wind damage claim to the professionals: Zenith Public Adjusters. 

It is not in your insurance company’s best interests to pay you the maximum amount you claim for your loss. Our sole responsibility is to advocate for your position in the claim. Zenith Public Adjusters offers a Free Consultation – Call Us First! 610-359-8454

We are licensed as public adjusters in Pennsylvania,  Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware & Florida.

We Get Paid On a Contingent Basis Only. Simply Put We Get You Paid Or There Is No Fee!!!